Bluesmobiles in the movies
The 1990 Ford Crown Victoria

Elwood: "Sir, how much would something like that full-sized Ford police package, in the middle there, run me?"
Malvern Gasperon: "Get yourself $500, and you come back
to see me then."

Elwood: "Ok sir."
Elwood: "That's... that's a nice car..."
Malvern Gasperon: "I'll save it for you."
Elwood: "Thanks."

Dialogue between Dan Aykroyd (Elwood) and B.B. King (Malvern Gasperon) taken from one of the scenes in the 1998 movie "Blues Brothers 2000", where the new Bluesmobile 2000 came to life.

Here you'll find some pictures of the several Bluesmobiles that were used in the movie.

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