The 1991 Ford Crown Victoria

Since the original movie car also had two spotlights, one on each side, Mr and Mrs Blues hunted down two identical spotlights to improve their own Bluesmobile 2000 replica. Mr Buz Bowling of Southern Motor Company, NC, USA, kindly assisted Mr and Mrs Blues in finding the right stuff for the FCV.

During the spring of 2004, Mr and Mrs Blues nervously put the big drill to the first A-pillar... and BAM! after a while... there they were, mounted and installed!

The right hand side mounting bracket is in position. Closeup of right hand side bracket with drilled hole. There! One Unity Spotlight down, one to go! The left hand side mounting bracket in position as well.
The second spotlight is in place... and... "Yes, Jesus H Tapdancing Christ! I see the light!!"