The 1991 Ford Crown Victoria

Since the original movie car has a very mean looking cage inside the car, naturally Mr and Mrs Blues always has had the ambition to re-create such a cage for their own Crown Vic. In 2001 Mr and Mrs Blues contacted Mr Dave Neuman, Illinios, USA (who owns one of the actual movie cars!!!). Dave helped a great deal by sending some really great photos of his own, authentic, Crown Vic (see picture 1 and 2 below).

During the winter/spring of 2003/2004, Mr Arne OlsÚn, Írebro, Sweden created a truly great replica of the cage for Mr and Mrs Blues's Bluesmobile 2000. Arne works, amongst other things..., as a blacksmith creating medeival armoury, so... naturally... a simple cage for a Bluesmobile wasn't that much of a challenge! The only thing left to do right now is the left and right parts of the cage ;-)

The cage taken out of Dave's car. GREAT reference! Behold!! The cage sitting inside Dave's AUTHENTIC movie car. Mr Arne OlsÚn himself. Arne working on the cage.
Arne still working on the cage and Mrs Blues helping him out ... or is she??? This is truly going to be a HOT cage! Look out! There's a mad-man behind you! Naahh, it's just Arne! Final result before painting the cage.