The 1991 Ford Crown Victoria

In July 2000, the urge for having a Bluesmobile of their own became too strong. This resulted in Mr and Mrs Blues taking a trip down to the southern parts of Sweden. After some wheeling and dealing they then bought their first ever V8-engine based car - The 1991 Ford Crown Victoria.

This is an ex California Police Cruiser which has been modified to an identical replica of the car used in the movie Blues Brothers 2000 (released in 1998).

This car has been signed by two members of the original Blues Brothers Band, Steve "The Colonel" Cropper and Alan "Mr Fabulous" Rubin. In May 2004, this car was also signed by the Polar Music Prize award winning mr B.B. King. Mr King had a part in the movie as the car salesman who sold the Bluesmobile to Elwood Blues.

Originally, this car was white. Sold as an "unmarked" Police Car from California. The Bluesmobile 2000 coming home with a fresh coat of paint. New markings for the Bluesmobile 2000 thanks to "Skyltmňlar'n", Írebro, Sweden. Nice looking lady.
New pushbars for the lady as well. Hand made by mr Arne OlsÚn, Írebro, Sweden