The 1975 Dodge Monaco Sedan

In May 2002, Mr and Mrs Blues had the opportunity to get hold of this 1975 Dodge Monaco 4 door Sedan. It was love at first sight when they spotted this beauty, sitting in the back yard in Runhällen, close to Heby, Sweden.

After a spectacular late ride home, Mr and Mrs Blues decided to "upgrade" the Lady of Blessed Acceleration with some fresh paint and new markings.

When the Lady finally passed the inspections neccessary she ran like a dream... well, at least for the summer of 2002. She then attended several car shows in Sweden but since then she's been resting under the apple tree in the garden of Mr & Mrs Blues.

The Bluesmobile, back home in Runhällen at "Lalles" Bluesmobile farm. The late night ride home... "I can see the light(s)" Finally arrived at her new home. "To serve and protect"
Did you know that the trunk lettering is "Police 172"? A star is born... Sitting in the sun light, ready to go...