The 1974 Dodge Monaco Sedan

This is the last Dodge Monaco that Dan Aykroyd drove and signed together with James Belushi at the grand opening of the House of Blues at Disneyworld, Orlando, FL.

Since this car is equipped with both a roof mounted speaker as well as one additional speaker in the front, this car was (and still is...) perfect for promoting the Blues Brothers shows at Disneyworld. This car also has been on tour with Matt "Guitar" Murphy from the original Blues Brothers Band.

Since arriving in Sweden in the spring of 2003, this car has been signed by two of the members of the original Blues Brothers Band, Steve "The Colonel" Cropper and Alan "Mr Fabulous" Rubin.

In May 2004, this car was also signed by the Polar Music Prize award winning mr B.B. King.

The Bluesmobile, back home in Florida at Rick Shields Bluesmobile farm. Dan Aykroyd driving the Bluesmobile together with James Belushi on the opening of House of Blues (HOB) in Orlando. Dan Aykroyd standing in front of the Bluesmobile
(HOB #2)
HOB 2, Dan Aykroyd, James Belushi and crowd at the entrance to House of Blues, Orlando.
The Bluesmobile has landed in Sweden!! Mr and Mrs Blues jumps for joy. Yepp, it's the right car! In fact... it's THE car!!!