Pictures from Yankee Car Meet 2007

On the morning of July 21st, Mr & Mrs Blues drove the Bluesmobile towards the Yankee Car Meet event in Arvika, Sweden. During the Wheels Cruising in Karlstad, Mr & Mrs Blues met the organizers of this event and got an invitation to join this wonderful meet. An invitation you definitely can't say no to! :-)

The youth of today! One amazing gang of extremely nice car enthusiasts... and.... Barbara! One proud owner of a fabulous Shelby Mustang GT 350. Mrs Blues posing beside an award winning Swedish classical Volvo. Every event needs good food and drinks. Theese nice people provided hamburgers and Coke to die for!
Several classic Mustangs had gathered for this meet. Mrs Blues posing with a young Bluesmobile fan from Norway. Nice surroundings in this park. Meet three classics at once!
An award winning trio posing for the car club photographers. Mr Turbo - one of the organizers - is happy to pose for the camera. And yes... his name is REALLY Turbo, we've seen his drivers licence! Yet another award winnning trio. And finally, an amazing - also award winnning - duo!