Pictures from Wheels Nationals 2007

On August 11th, 2007 we took Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration and attended the 30-year anniversary edition of Wheels Nationals in Stockholm, Sweden.

Two happy car guys with the full documentation of the cars previous owners on the rear quarter panel. Absolutely hillarious! Mrs Blues is also in to customized bikes such as this beauty. Patrik Tell promoting his fantastic all new DVD "Bygg en V8 - med Topprestanda". A complete DVD guide to renovating your V8 engine. Patrik's rebuilt Corvette Stingray.
Now, that's what we call a fan! Another very nice Bluesmobile fan! Leif "Batman" Garvin, his son Robin and Ville posing like there is no tomorrow. The Ghost. One seriously customized classic car!
The Thinker! - Remember the Chicago City Hall scene in the end? The Thinker? Action shot from cruising the streets of Stockholm. People everywhere!