Pictures from Wheels Cruising in Karlstad 2007

Anually, the Swedish car magazine "Wheels Magazine" tours the Swedish roads in hunt for the greatest cruising event ever. This year, on June 16th, it was time for the people and American classic cars of Karlstad to line up and cruise all night. Naturally, Mr & Mrs Blues had to attend!

Line up on the landing strip. Mrs Blues considers to join the American-Norwegian coalition of Black Vans. Happy, and ultra-cool, bikers giving the thumbs up for the Bluesmobile! (But wait a minute.. isn't that.... Mr Paul Teutel Sr from OCC?) Looking back on the event... we found lots and lots of nice cars!
Cars and people lining up and waiting for the cruising to start. A nice Caddy and an even nicer Challenger enjoying the sun. Mrs Blues (= already spoken for) and Mr Wifeseeker from Finland, Germany, Sweden ?!?! Mr Blues getting ready to cruise!