Pictures from Lisa & Mathias Wedding 2007

On September the 22nd, Lisa & Mathias got married at Täby Kyrka close to Örebro, Sweden. Mr & Mrs Blues attended the wedding (yes - as "civilians" at first...) and also got the honors to escort the newly married couple from the church to the party!

Lisa & Mathias - THANK YOU for a fantastic wedding and an even more fabulous party! We wish you all the best and a happy, loooong marriage!

While Lisa & Mathias are posing for the photographer, Mrs Blues is putting on a show of her own! What a beautiful line up! No wonder people were running all over the streets in order to get a shot of the newlyweds. Yes, the picture is a bit blurry - but hey! What do you expect when one gets all excited of such a staggering bride! Mission accomplished! The Bluesmobile gets to rest and we all go to party all night long!