Pictures from Power Big Meet 2007

This year, Mr & Mrs Blues took the Bluesmobile and their dear friends, Tony Turner and Pernilla Power, and steered towards the Biggest American Car show in the world - Power Big Meet in Västerås, Sweden. This year the event celebrated it's 30th birthday - Happy Birthday Kjelle and keep up the good work!!

This year was EXCELLENT suit-weather!!! Not too hot... nor did it rain! Quite simply perfect for both wearing a suit, checking out cars and cruising!

Once again.. .Mrs Blues is shopping for a Caddy.... Editor-in-chief and organizer of the whole event, Kjelle Power together with Mrs Blues, saluting the 30th Anniversary Power Big Meet 2007! A fantastic Dodge Charger NASCAR replica. Pernilla Power and Mrs Blues showing off whilst Tony Turner is overlooking the event.
Huge fans of the Bluesmobile! One fabulous Superbird!! Better than new! Rear view of Mr Mysterious ornamented Buick. Front view of one of the most spectacular cars of the meet.
Mr Mysterious and Mrs Blues makes a one of a kind photo opportunity! Mrs Blues beeing interviewed by Theodora from the local Swedish Radio channel. Mr Blues revealing the secrets of the Bluesmobile to Theodora and all the Swedish radio listeners. An all original Checker Cab from New York leading the way for the Bluemobile cruise.