Pictures from Hällefors Nostalgia Meet 2007

On a mostly cloudy summer day, Mr & Mrs Blues decided to take a quick 100 mile roundtrip to check out the Hällefors Nostalgia days.

Nice people, nice town and nice cars!

Yet another fantastic Cadillac! The finish is so stunning that you can catch your own reflection in it! With an almost deafening sound this wonderful historical race car entered the scene! One seriously proud owner of a fabulous 1961 DKW.
This day even the police was dressed up accordingly to supervise the event. The Four Seasons performed classic songs and posed in front of the Bluesmobile. Two Bluesmobile fans posing with Mrs Blues. One classic duo meets another!
A view over the surroundings. Conny of Conny's USA Bilar sent his son to show this nice Caddy in Hällefors. Mrs Blues is window shopping for a Lincoln Mk IV daily driver to Mr Blues. Another fan of the Bluemobile posing with Mrs Blues.