Pictures from Classic Motor Festival 2007

Early in the month of June, MOWAZET traditionally hosted the Classic Motor Festival in Ånnaboda, Sweden. Since we had put both the Bluesmobiles out on display (the 1991 Ford Crown Victoria Bluesmobile 2000 in 2002 and the 1974 Dodge Monaco Bluesmobile in 2003) we looked forward to make this event our first car meet of the year.

Normally, this is a very nice event and several of our friends attended the event this year as usual. HOWEVER.... this year.... apparently... the Bluesmobile, all of a sudden, wasn't welcome any more!??? Imagine our astonishment when we, happy and ready to rock for the first time this season, were met by a car park attendant who told us that we couldn't enter the show with our Bluesmobile.

When we humbly asked the gentleman(?) why we weren't allowed to enter the show, he responded in a slightly stuck up way that "We expect another class here!". When we then again asked him what class that exactly was, he simply responded (in an even more unpleasant way) "A better class...".

As you probably can imagine, Mr Blues then put the Bluesmobile in reverse and stepped on it - made a hasty u-turn and WHAM! Off we were, to search for another - MUCH NICER - place to display the Bluesmobile.

Don't forget to click on the images to see a larger version of them.... :-)

This could have been an amazing picture of a coool Charger... if only we'd been let in. Here we planned for a picture of our good friend Björn who actually WAS allowed into the show. Probably there was also a nice Cadillac attending the show... but what do we know??? The market place most likely was fantastic as always... and here's our view on it...

Oh, yes... that's right - One more thing.... If YOU by any chance are thinking of attending any future events at Ånnaboda Classic Motor Festival - take some good advice from Mr & Mrs Blues and call ahead and make sure that you and your car are welcome!

Who knows, the next time it could be YOU who are judged as beeing the riff-raff... :-)