Pictures from Power Big Meet 2006

For the 6th year in a row, Mr & Mrs Blues took the Bluesmobile and attended the Biggest American Car show in the world - Power Big Meet in Västerås, Sweden.

At the gas station in Örebro Mrs Blues hooked up with the crazy funny guys from Denmark and southern parts of Sweden. Mr Blues with some new found friends from the USA and Sweden. Mrs Blues and the President of Power Meet himself - Mr Kjelle Power! Show host Fredrik Wikingsson and the cameraman of the Swedish TV-show "100 Höjdare", posing with star struck Mrs Blues!
The fabulous car "Sötnos" and her lusciuos crew from the deep south, posing for the camera. Like mother, like daughter - One big nice happy family at the swap meet! The "Anti-PowerMeet-Woman" straight whilst recording the TV-show "100 Höjdare". There they are... (humming on "Flight of the Valkyrie")