Pictures from Mopar Nationals 2006

On June the 10th, Mr & Mrs Blues attended the annual Mopar Nationals car show and cruise in Oxelösund, Sweden.

Apart from all the seeds that the trees were shedding all over the field, the weather and car meet was spectacular! Fantastic Mopars in all colours, sizes and shapes and very nice people made the day!

In the evening, the majority of the cars and their owners went to the town of Nyköping for a looong nice cruise and partying all night long.

Mrs Blues really "dig" this car! Purple haze. Mr & Mrs Blues teaming up with Kenta in front of his fabulous Chrysler 300 from 1966. Think Pink!
Mrs Blues hanging around with the proud owner of a very nice General Lee replica. Racing 300C. Banana Cuda. Mrs Blues posing together with a very nice Italian guy and his Swedish girlfriend! (Yeah - go figure...)
Mr Blues enjoying the view. Mrs Blues and the Bluesmobile taking a break by the seaside. Cruising in Nyköping. Fabulous weather and nice people along the cruising.