Pictures from Mr & Mrs Blues Midsummer Cruise 2005

On their mission of celebrating the Blues Brothers 25th anniversary, naturally Mr & Mrs Blues simply had to take the Bluesmobile out for a ride to celebrate the old traditional Swedish Midsummer in heart of Dalarna, Sweden.

Tomme and Anna from Ovanmyra, Sweden, had arranged for a very special midsummer cruising, taking all the participants and their fantastic cars through small villages and fabulous nature.

Just arrived at Tomme and Anna's place. Mr Blues and part of the cruising team helping out with raising the traditional "midsummer-pole". A beautiful line-up of the eleven cars participating in the first annual "Midsummer Cruise". Mrs Blues checking out another classic midsummer event - a mom playing fiddle for her kids on a tractor-trailer.
Some of our new found friends taking a break at Folkets Park - Orsa, Sweden. Our friends classic american cars taking a break at Folkets Park - Orsa, Sweden. Mrs Blues and the Bluesmobile taking a break on the way back home. Mr Blues supporting the Bluesmobile... (or is it perhaps the other way around?)