Pictures from the Eskilstuna Air Show 2005

On August 21st, Mr & Mrs Blues were invited together with Thalon Design and Movie Cars to show off their movie car replicas at the Eskilstuna Air Show in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

It really was the perfect mix; The Ultimate Power, Speed and Sound-experience which climaxed by the end of the day with an absolutely spectacular air show performed by the Swedish Air Force.

Mrs Blues posing in front of the "Mean Machine". Mrs Blues with the new Mr Blues? Ehrm... or as Mrs Blues would have put it... "Hey! What a nice Yellow scarf!" The Swedish Air Force shows up in their gigantic Hercules... Yes! The Bluesmobile will most certainly fit in the cargo area!
Mrs Blues lurking around the Hercules... The Hercules, a private helicopter and the awesome Sk 28 Vampire jet. The Bluesmobile and the Thalon Design 2005 Ellinor Mustang showing off. The Batmobile getting ready for take off!