Pictures from the Chrysler Customer and Employee Event 2005

On May 21, The Bluesmobile together with Mr and Mrs Blues were invited to join Chrysler in Danderyd, Sweden, in an all-day event for their customers and employees.

On the menu there were hamburgers, activities for the kids, cars and music - naturally featuring the Moose Brothers, Sweden's greatest Blues Brothers show and review.

The Bluesmobile posing in front of The Moose Brothers. "... We're so glad to see so many people here, and we would especially like to welcome the representatives of Chrysler Sweden...!" The infamous (?) Mustang Brothers and their "hang-arounds". Mrs Blues enjoys a day out in the sun.
Are those guys the police? No ma'am... they're musicians! They DO have a band that can turn goat piss into gasoline! Crazy guys, crazy car and lots of fun! This car's got a lot of pick up