Pictures from Blues Brothers Summer Meet 2005

To celebrate the Blues Brothers 25th anniversary, Conny and Kjell - the men behind the Blues Brothers Summer Meet in Filipstad, Sweden - invited Mr and Mrs Blues to bring both their Bluesmobiles in order to hand out prizes to the show winners and candy to the kids!

This year's event was very special for Mr and Mrs Blues though... We were honoured to accept the mission of picking out the winning car for the one time only, very prestigeous, award - "Blues Brothers Ballaste Bil" (= The Blues Brothers Most Awesome/Coolest Car)!

Though the decision seemed a tough one to make - it really wasn't that hard when we finally spotted the winner - Naturally it HAD to be the 1968 Cadillac Fleetwood 4-door sedan - The original Bluesmobile!!

Mrs Blues posing with our new found fans from Finland - Johannes and Rasmus! Johannes and Rasmus shopping for the 25th year anniversary Blues Brothers T-shirts! That's some rear view, huh? A legend and his car - Mr Håkan "Molle" Molin (sitting with the cap and shades on) with his amazing and legendary customized Volvo.
Who else, but Molle, to perfectly match the Volvo with an equally customized radio controlled helicopter? Conny and Mrs Blues enjoying the sun and looking cool. Conny admiring one of the cool hot rods that attended the show. Kjell, the speaker, announcing some of the prizes.
Exactly how cool is this??? The trophy for the award "Blues Brothers Ballaste Bil"! Truly a one-of-a-kind prize! The Creedence Car together with the Bluesmobile. *) More nice people and Blues Brothers fans posing with the Bluesmobile and Mrs Blues. And here's the winner!!! The very prestigeous award - "Blues Brothers Ballaste Bil" (= The Blues Brothers Most Awesome/Coolest Car) went to an original Bluesmobile-look-alike - The 1968 Caddy!

*) = The Creedence Car is owned and restored by Conny himself. It was appointed the prestigeous award of "Swedens Finest Car" in 1998. The car is signed by John Fogerty and Doug "Cosmo" Clifford from the Creedence-band.

Photos number 2, 5, 7 and 10 - Copyright Kjell Johansson