Pictures from the Bilsport Classic Photoshoot 2005

What better way to celebrate the 25th annversary of the Bluesmobile, than to tell the story to an audience of almost 150.000 regular readers of the Swedish motormagazine Bilsport Classic.

On July 31st, the editor, Magnus Karlsson and photographer Håkan "Molle" Molin from Bilsport Classic, arrived in style in their classic Ford Mustang project car. We then had an amazingly pleasant afternoon with interviews, photoshoots, actionshots and coffee. Thanks Magnus and Molle - We had great fun!

Keep your eyes open for the fun and fact-filled article in an, soon to be released, issue of Bilsport Classic!

The BLUEs is in da house! Mr Molle in action - shooting the graphics on the roof of the Bluesmobile 2000. Part of Mr and Mrs Blues Blues Brothers memorabilia collection. Molle and the astonishing Bilsport Classic Mustang.
... but then again... can she REALLY compete with the two Bluesmobiles? Molle contemplating on the best set for an outdoor picture. Magnus posing by Mr and Mrs Blues own interpretation of the "must-have" garden gnome! Molle, Magnus, Mrs Blues and the Bluesmobiles - getting ready for the big shootout.
Actionshot - The Bluesmobile is beeing followed by the Bilsport Classic Mustang. Actionshot - Yepp, they're still behind us! Mission accomplished - After a photoshoot at 70 mph on the highway, Magnus and Molle finally gets ahead of the Bluesmobile... The car, the attitude - The Mrs Blues!