Pictures from Power Big Meet 2004

After hesitating for 1½ day due to the heavy raining in Sweden, Mr & Mrs Blues finally decided to get behind the wheel and take the 1974 Monaco to the Power Big Meet cruising, Västerås, Sweden. Initially Mr Björn Norberg guided Mr and Mrs Blues to a very nice meeting place for custom cars and hot rods. Spectacular views!

Spectacular cars arriving at the custom and hot rod meet all the time... Mr Blues at custom meet. Mrs Blues with nice car at custom meet. Björn Norberg and the paintbrush artist on Björns 1975 Monaco.
Burnouts at the cruising in Västerås. Happy people from Finland participating in the cruising as well. The two Bluesmobiles on the move... Action shot of Björn Norbergs 1975 Monaco taken from Mr and Mrs Blues 1974 Monaco.