Pictures from Mr and Mrs Blues meeting with BB King

On May 21, 2004, the Polar Music Prize committee held a press conference with Mr B.B. King in Stockholm.
Mr and Mrs Blues were invited by Mr Stuart Ward, CEO of The Polar Music Prize, to attend the event as members of the press.
The goal of the mission was, alongside congratulating Mr B.B. King to the prize of course, to have the Bluesmobile 2000 signed by "the King".

Mr B.B. King listening to the Polar Music Prize CEO, Stuart Ward Mrs Blues congratulating Mr B.B. King on the award. Mr Blues congratulating Mr B.B. King on the award. Mr B.B. King reacting to the fact that the Bluesmobile 2000 is downstairs, ready to be signed.
Mr and Mrs Blues having a nice conversation with Mr B.B. King. Mr B.B. King signing the dashboard of the Bluesmobile 2000. Mr B.B. King inspecting the result ... Mr B.B. King signing the sun visor of the other Bluesmobile (the 1974 Dodge Monaco).
Malvern Gasperon (aka Mr B.B. King) handing over the keys to Elwood (aka Mrs Blues). Malvern Gasperon and Elwood closes the deal with a good laugh. Mr B.B. King moves on and leaves an ever so happy Mrs Blues behind him. Mission completed. Mr and Mrs Blues has left the building...

Photos number 2, 3, 4, 5 and 12 - Copyright Patrik Ísterberg -