Pictures from Extreme Car Festival

On the weekend 14-17 of May 2004, Mr and Mrs Blues and the Bluesmobile were invited by Mr Mikael Forsman (project manager) to attend the Extreme Car Festival in Helsinki, Finland.
All in all there were 17 different, and extreme..., cars shipped over from Sweden to Finland - including the ever so fabulous movie car replicas of the Batmobile and Eleanor from Gone in 60 seconds.

The Batmobile and Eleanor are the creations of Mr Leif Garvin & Co, Stockholm, Sweden. Check out for more info.

Arriving at the Helsninki harbour... chaos is at hand! A true prize winning car from Sweden! A couple of fantastic showcars from the Swedish group. The Bluesmobile vs The Batmobile on the racecar strip... Battle of the century!
The Bluesmobile and The Batmobile coming back from the race. The Batmobile closely followed by the Bluesmobile, pulling in to the pitstop... Jake and Elwood from the Finnish cover band "The Blues Brothers Believers", posing on the Bluesmobile. The Blues Brothers Believers in action on stage at the Extreme Car Festival... Mr and Mrs Blues' Bluesmobile in front of the stage.
Finnish Car Babes show in front of the Bluesmobile... ... and more finnish Car Babes after a change in clothes. Car Babes with all the prize winners of the Extreme Car Festival. The Bluesmobile posing together with all the Extreme Cars in the central parts of Helsinki.

Photos number 4, 5, 6 and 10 - Copyright Bo Lundvang -