Pictures from Blues Brothers Summer Meet 2004

This year Mr and Mrs Blues were invited to participate in the prize ceremony at the Blues Brothers Summer Meet in Filipstad, Sweden.

This great car meet was held for the fifth year in a row by Conny Pettersson and hosted by the speaker Kjell Johansson. Both Conny and Kjell took great care of Mr and Mrs Blues through the whole day and topped it off with cruising in the city.

Just arrived at the car meet. "There's the Bluesmobile!!!" *) Wonderful surroundings for this event. The masterminds (Kjell and Conny in the black caps) in action.
Mrs Blues taking cover from the one, and only?, sunny day this summer... Mr and Mrs Blues handing out prizes. The winning cars and their owners. Mrs Blues getting ready to cruise.

*) = The first thing Mr and Mrs Blues ran into at the event was this fabulous 1968 Cadillac. It's a black 4-door sedan which actually comes from Chicago, Illinois! In the beginning of the 1980 movie Blues Brothers, Jake asks Elwood where the Caddie, The Bluesmobile, is. Elwood answers that he has traded it for a microphone. Now... be it 24 years later... Mr and Mrs Blues offered the current owner to trade the Caddie back for a microphone... but surprisingly he refused the offer.

Photos number 1, 3, 6 and 7 - Copyright Kjell Johansson