Pictures from Bilsport Classic Grensetreff 2004

One late morning on the 14th of august, Mr and Mrs Blues decided to take a "quick" trip over to Halden in Norway.
The event "Bilsport Classic Grensetreff" took place in the heart of the city of Halden as well as at the Fredriksten-fortress. Beautiful surroundings, fabulous cars and very nice people made the whole trip a very nice memory from 2004.

Hmmm.. something seems familiar... a bridge opening... a Bluesmobile... a JUMP??? Naaahh... Mrs Blues and the owner of one of Norway's coolest nostalgia-shop - Fønix. Our friends Micke and Mauds Chevrolet Chevelle as seen from the Bluesmobile. The cabin that Mr & Mrs Blues rented for a night.
The Bluesmobile looking almost magical! A couple of new found friends from Sweden in front of their Cadillac. This time... the roof mounted speaker made it through the tunnel. Overlooking the great show area from the top of the fortress.
The Bluesmobile got invited to participate in the contest. The judges are inspecting the Bluesmobile... Hmmm .. wonder why they´re laughing?? Mr & Mrs Blues beeing interviewed on stage. Can you spot the $5000 ? The Bluesmobile rolling out from the show area.