About Mr & Mrs Blues - continued from start-page

Throughout all those years, the thought of getting hold of a Bluesmobile was silently kept alive by browsing occassional car ads, buying waaay to many car magazines, surfing the Internet and watching the movie The Blues Brothers every now and then.

So... finally, in the year 2000, Mr & Mrs Blues long waiting was over. They simply had to buy that ex california police car that they found on the Internet in the southern parts of Sweden. The object was a 1991 Ford Crown Victoria Police edition. And yes... it was no Dodge Monaco, and yes, it was the "wrong" year... but still.... over in Sweden.. at that time... it was the as close to the real thing as you could get! (The new Bluesmobile that was used in the movie "Blues Brothers 2000" was a 1990 Ford Crown Victoria)

It didn't take long though, until the urge for the real deal became too strong. In the spring of 2003, Mr & Mrs Blues spotted the "dream-machine" on eBay... After ten or so days with an unbeleivable suspense - they LOST the bidding!! Luckily though, persistent as they are, Mr & Mrs Blues stayed in touch with the eBay-seller and thereby tracked down a genuine collectors item... The Dan Aykroyd Sound Car, also known as HOB 2!

It was a 1974 Dodge Monaco 4-door Sedan, specially built for the grand openeing of the House of Blues in Orlando, FL in 1997. It also was the Bluesmobile that was driven and signed by Dan Aykroyd and James Belushi!
Then, after a salty boat trip from sunny Florida to the rainy ports of Gothenburg, Sweden, Mr & Mrs Blues picked up the Bluesmobile in early May 2003 and drove her home for almost 500 miles straight! Since then the "Lady of Blessed Accelleration" has been on numerous car events and special occasions where she's always met by lots and lots of happy people and smiling faces.